Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

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We celebrated Zeke’s first birthday today.  Just a simple family celebration with balloons and cupcakes.  How about some facts about our dear Ezekiel..

~ His favorite song is Jesus Love is a Bubblin’ Over

~ He grunts.  A lot.  For everything.  From communicating with you to just crawling across the room.  Grunting all the way.

~ He loves our cat and is extreemly gentle with her.  She loves him back.

~ He loves to talk to the chickens.  They don’t seem to care about him.

~ He loves playing with Zoe but will express his opinion (grunting) if she pushes the limits.

~ He loves his food.  Don’t mess with a man and his food.

~ He is my cuddler.

Remembering “The Original Labor Day”

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Earlier this year I decided that I would try to find out what every National holiday (with a little help from Wikipedia) was originally about and I was surprised to find out how “Labor Day” was started.  Anyway I wanted to share with you what I found out…  Again I was surprised…

Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September (September 7 in 2009).

The holiday originated in Canada out of labor disputes (“Nine-Hour Movement”) first in Hamilton, then in Toronto, Canada in the 1870s, which resulted in a Trade Union Act which legalized and protected union activity in 1872 in Canada. The parades held in support of the Nine-Hour Movement and the printers’ strike led to an annual celebration in Canada. In 1882, American labor leader Peter J. McGuire witnessed one of these labor festivals in Toronto. Inspired from Canadian events in Toronto, he returned to New York and organized the first American “labor day” on September 5 of the same year.

The first Labor Day in the United States was celebrated on September 5, 1882 in New York City.[1] In the aftermath of the deaths of a number of workers at the hands of the US military and US Marshals during the 1894 Pullman Strike, President Grover Cleveland put reconciliation with Labor as a top political priority. Fearing further conflict, legislation making Labor Day a national holiday was rushed through Congress unanimously and signed into law a mere six days after the end of the strike.[2] Cleveland was also concerned that aligning a US labor holiday with existing international May Day celebrations would stir up negative emotions linked to the Haymarket Affair.[3] All 50 U.S. states have made Labor Day a state holiday.

The form for the celebration of Labor Day was outlined in the first proposal of the holiday: A street parade to exhibit to the public “the strength and esprit de corps of the trade and labor organizations,” followed by a festival for the workers and their families. This became the pattern for Labor Day celebrations. Speeches by prominent men and women were introduced later, as more emphasis was placed upon the economic and civil significance of the holiday. Still later, by a resolution of the American Federation of Labor convention of 1909, the Sunday preceding Labor Day was adopted as Labor Sunday and dedicated to the spiritual and educational aspects of the labor movement.

Traditionally, Labor Day is celebrated by most Americans as the symbolic end of the summer. The holiday is often regarded as a day of rest and parades. Speeches or political demonstrations are more low-key than May 1 Labour Day celebrations in most countries, although events held by labor organizations often feature political themes and appearances by candidates for office, especially in election years. Forms of celebration include picnics, barbecues, fireworks displays, water sports, and public art events. Families with school-age children take it as the last chance to travel before the end of summer recess. In addition, Labor Day marks the beginning of the NFL and college football seasons. The NCAA usually plays their first games the week before Labor Day, with the NFL traditionally playing their first game the Thursday following Labor Day.

I hope that you enjoyed learning something new today!!! 🙂

~Greg T

Greg's Pop Political Quiz #1 Answers…

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The winner of Greg’s Pop Political Quiz #1 is Renee with D. None of the above.  We will be bringing your wonderful prize by later this weekend (or next week).



1) D. None of the above. The statement was made by Hilliary Clinton 6/29/04. She is saying the same thing Karl Marx said, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.”

2) D. None of the above. The statement was made by Hilliary Clinton 5/29/04
3) D. None of the above. The statement was made by Hilliary Clinton 6/4/07
4) D. None of the above. The statement was made by Hilliary Clinton 6/4/07
5) D. None of the above. The statement was made by Hilliary Clinton 9/2/05

Isn’t it great a that we live in the country formally known as the USA!! 🙂

Greg's Pop Political Quiz #1

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As a few of you guys know I am an Internet junkie (meaning I like reading stuff online, not addicted to Facebook, Twitter or MySpace or other stuff like that).  And one of my favorite things to read about online is all things political.  So after talking to my BFF,  I have decided I will share some of things I find amusing or entertaining.


Here is a little quiz I found on a home schooling site recently.  I will post that answers in a few days.   Just for fun post your answers in the comments and we will give a prize to the winner!!  Good Luck!

WHO SAID THIS? (If you don’t know for sure – guess. Put down your answer.)
1) ‘We’re going to take things away from you on behalf of the common good.’
A. Karl Marx B. Adolph Hitler C. Joseph Stalin D. None of these.                     Your answer______

2) ‘It’s time for a new beginning, for an end to government of the few, by the few and for the few…and
to replace it with shared responsibility for shared prosperity.’
A. Lenin B. Mussolini C. Idi Amin D. None of these.                                 Your answer______

3) ‘We can’t just let business as usual go on, and that means something has to be taken away from some
people.’ A. Nikita Khrushchev B. Josef Goebbels C. Boris Yeltsin D. None of these. Your answer______

4) ‘We have to build a political consensus and that requires people to give up a little bit of their
own…in order to create this common ground.’
A. Mao Tse Dung B. Hugo Chevez C. Kim Jong II D. None of these.                     Your answer______

5) ‘I certainly think the free-market has failed.’
A. Karl Marx B. Lenin C. Molotov D. None of these.                                   Your answer______