Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

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We celebrated Zeke’s first birthday today.  Just a simple family celebration with balloons and cupcakes.  How about some facts about our dear Ezekiel..

~ His favorite song is Jesus Love is a Bubblin’ Over

~ He grunts.  A lot.  For everything.  From communicating with you to just crawling across the room.  Grunting all the way.

~ He loves our cat and is extreemly gentle with her.  She loves him back.

~ He loves to talk to the chickens.  They don’t seem to care about him.

~ He loves playing with Zoe but will express his opinion (grunting) if she pushes the limits.

~ He loves his food.  Don’t mess with a man and his food.

~ He is my cuddler.

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

  1. In my mind that little guy is stuck at 9 months for some reason. I know that the older my boys get the older Zeke gets, but not seeing him for a while has totally stunted his growth for me.

  2. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy! Thank goodness Mommy has a cuddler – a mommy should at least have one. 🙂
    I Love the hair cut! SOOO grown up … where’s the baby?
    Love you all – Sis

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