Camping in Winthrop

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Towards the end of September we took our last family camping trip of the year.  We headed back to the Winthrop area for some good ol’ free camping.  September turns out to be a great month to go.  All those poor public school kids back in school.  We almost had the whole place to ourselves.  Plenty of room for Zoe to ride her bike, dig holes and practice her fire pit building skills.  The best part…I actually remembered to take pictures this time!  It only took me all summer but I finally got it.


Don’t worry.  We didn’t actually use this fire pit (much to Zoe’s disappointment)  There was a nice pit already set up for us.  Evening s’mores are sometimes a little harder for us to get going for some reason so this time we decided s’mores after lunch would be perfect.


Did you notice the big spread next to Greg? Let me give you a close up.


Oh Yeah! We went all out this trip.  There was a great waterfall just down from our site that we visited almost every day.  We finally got a family photo on one of our trips.  We tried to get the camera set up to get more of the waterfall but it was not working.  So Greg just held the camera out.  I have never been able to do this and actually get everyone in the picture.  Greg has a great talent for this type of photography.  (Is there a name for it?  There should be.)


We really enjoy camping in this area.  It’s not too far from home, the weather is great and the area is beautiful.  This time we went the river was a bit calmer so the kids were actually able to play in it (freezing as it was) and search for frogs and fish.


And this is the beautiful evidence of our fun and successful camping trip.  I am so thankful the Lord has blessed us with the resources, time, and ability to get so many camping trips in this year.  It was all we were hoping it would be for our family.  Goodbye camping season…We’ll see you next year!


~ Merriann

2 thoughts on “Camping in Winthrop

  1. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures!!! I sooo miss the area and the joys it has to offer those who take the time to enjoy them.

    You have done well for your family – I’m proud of both of you. Keep up the great work of being fabulous stewards w/ the blessings the Lord has laid upon you.

    Love – hugs to all!

  2. That sounds like places we camped when I was little – I’d love to find a free camping area!!! I wish we could have camped more this year….maybe next year!!

    Oh and Greg has my kind of candy stash!!


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