What could be better…

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…than your sister putting you a trash can?


How about your sister putting herself in the trash can and rolling around on the ground?  Isn’t is great to have older siblings?  They have great ideas.


Pure enjoyment.  Kids being kids.  Playing with those things you wouldn’t have imagined.   I love it.


And this new found entertainment went on for a few days until I returned it to its original use (which by the way was not original, original use.  At one time, yes, it was a trash can.  But for the last couple of years it has been masquerading as a plant stand).  Zeke was quite content to be sitting in the can.  He was a bit upset when we took him out.


~ Merriann

One thought on “What could be better…

  1. I think I need two of those so I can cotain the boys. I love how squeezed in and cozy Zeek looks and I can just hear Zoe laughing as she rolls around. I love the imagination!

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