Apple Cider

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A couple weeks ago we headed to Padilla Bay with some friends to check out their cider press class.  It was not a pretty day in our neck of the woods.  Dark and rainy…but with some rain jackets, boots and umbrellas we were ready.  When we arrived, however, we were surprised to find the sun shining!  It was a beautiful sunny fall day.  We were all the more in the mood for some good ol’ cider. 



This was one of the best parts.  After pressing all the juice out the apple bits are understandably packed in the press.  Our guide just got done telling the kids they couldn’t push the apples out because it was so packed.  Well, that was all Zoe needed to hear.  I mean, look at that face…determination, some force and…


…voila!  Satisfaction.


The last thing to do before trying some cider was to plant an apple tree of course!  The parents were also asked if anyone wanted to buy the tree.  This particular tree will be “planted” 8 more times before it is available for someone to purchase for their own yard.  We had a lot of fun getting out in the beautiful fall air and learning a little in the processes.  I think we’ll be visiting again.  We even planned a camping trip for next year. 


Oh, and for those of you that are wondering…no baby yet. 

~ Merriann

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