Pure Joy

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One of Zeke’s favorite things was his swing.  We called it his old man chair.  He was so content to sit there, hand on his belly and quietly watch the world around him.  It was a sad day when we finally had to retire the swing.  It had started groaning under the presser of a growing boy and couldn’t give him much of a ‘swing’.

The other day I hear a joyous scream coming from his room.  This was no squeal.  I remember being shocked at how loud the scream was.  When I com around the corner Zoe is laughing and Zeke is in his swing screaming with all his might and kicking his legs.  Zoe had allowed him another run in his favorite place. 


2 thoughts on “Pure Joy

  1. When the swings go you know your baby isn’t a baby any more. He still looks cute in it now though. SInce you are posting I’m guessing there is no baby yet.

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