Baby smiles

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I have decided baby smiles are a gift from God.  A gift for tired Mamas.  It doesn’t matter if some say they are brought on by gas.  They are precious.  I was fortunate enough to at least have my cell phone nearby to get these pictures.  Priceless!

4 thoughts on “Baby smiles

  1. What a blessing those smiles always are! Oliver is such a joy to behold. Thank you for always sharing. I know you must be beside yourself w/ tiredness but I also know you are SO blessed! I have you and yours in my thoughts and prayers always. Love – Sis

  2. Ok…. feeling really bad here because I didn’t know you had another baby!!! How did I miss this??? Didn’t I just see you at the Felmleys? How did I miss that you were pregnant?

    Well, congratulations! Sweet boy!

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