Donkey Basketball

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Yes, we did.  We headed to donkey basketball at a local high school.  It was so much fun.  Despite the fact that Greg didn’t want to tell my brother why we had to cut our visit short.  “It’s so country” he said.  Greg, not my brother.  Well, actually they both said it and lets face it, it is country.   But that’s the fun of it.


You can’t see it but there is a very stubborn donkey on the other end of that fire fighter.  The donkeys moved pretty well when they had riders on them but as soon as they jumped off to get the ball the donkeys stopped any hint of movement.  Greg (in all his donkey experience) had great tips for these players.  “They get off their donkeys too soon.  They need to ride closer to the ball before getting off.”  He didn’t share his wisdom with the players but I think next year he may need to volunteer.


Zoe had a blast as you may have guessed.  The announcer kept trying to get the crowd to make noise and cheer on the players.  Zoe was making her share of noise but I knew she could do better so I told her she could make as much noise as she wanted to.  And boy did she ever take me up on that. 


This is what Zeke looked like most of the night.  What he looks like most of the time.  Tongue and all.  It doesn’t get much cuter than this folks.  Except when he is wondering around in footed PJs.  And the other great thing…in less than a year I’ll have another little curly haired boy wondering around in footed PJs.