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A friend of mine had the great idea to get together to bake.  I am always up for baking and it is way more fun with someone (plus you get the split the goodies and not be forced to eat an entire dish of whatever goodness is created). 

The first recipe on our list…Graham Crackers.  The first recipe we used was not nice at all.  It tasted great but it was so hard to work with.  It stuck to EVERYTHING!  We tried another recipe and loved it.  I’m already thinking we need to make ice cream sandwiches with them this summer.  This is the recipe we tried last.  I think the only change I would make is replace some of the brown sugar with honey.   


Here are a couple tips on making crackers:

Tip 1: Do not bake them too long.  It is better to have a slightly chewy cracker than a burnt one.  They will crisp up when cooled. 

Tip 2: Use a cookie cutter.  This will give you a uniformed size and shape so they will all cook at the same rate (and it’s so much cuter!).  A circle cutter turned out some perfect crackers.

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