knock knock

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In the car one day Zoe wanted me to tell her a knock, knock joke.  She had been practicing a few in the back so I decided an oldie but goody would be appropriate.


Me: Knock, knock

Zoe: Who’s there?

Me: Boo

Zoe: Boo who?

Me: you don’t have to cry it’s just a joke.

Zoe: …silence…  Mom?  That’s not funny.

Me: WHAT?!?  Not funny.  How can that not be funny.?  You know boo who like you were crying.

Zoe: It’s just not funny.  This is how you do it Mom.  Knock, Knock

Me: Who’s there?

Zoe: Bird.

Me: Bird who?

Zoe:  Bird flew over the car to the tree!  HA HA HA HA!  Now that’s funny Mom.


Apparently I have a lot to learn. 

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