Childrens Museum

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Greg has been working a lot this past month.  I don’t know…that may be an understatement.  He has had one day off in the last month.  After working so much some may want to hang out at home and just relax but not my husband.  He had big plans for us and we were all excited.  One of our stops was at the new children’s museum in town.  We got there right when they opened and were the only ones there for about an hour (a great benefit to homeschooling 🙂  The kids loved the different stations.  Zeke’s favorite things were all the buttons they had.   Music buttons, light buttons, sound buttons, wind buttons.  He found them all.  I tried to capture the thrill he got from all these buttons but there are things a picture just can’t do.   



Zoe was all over the place.  I was able to capture her here… dancing with lights and music.  A huge mirror in front of her held her attention while she danced.  They also have a room with for art projects.  They have an art project (with a person managing it) every day.  She spent more time than any other.  We’ll just be sure to have here start there next time so any paintings can dry.  I think we were all covered in some color of paint by the time we got to the car.  All in all it was a lot of fun and the kids left ready to take naps.


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