Starting All Over

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All the chickens we had last year died.  Well, to be more accurate, were killed.  Eaten by who knows what.  We had to move their pen from it’s original location because the rains were flooding them out.  We moved them to a dry spot but were not able to get their fencing hooked up right away and it was just enough time for ALL of them to be taken.  We only found feathers left over.  So, we are starting fresh again this year.  Our flock has grown now with 16!  16 little chicks are cute but then they get bigger and while they are still cute they make A LOT of poop.  I will be much happier when they are outside.  We will have a lot of eggs once these ladies get going!



One thought on “Starting All Over

  1. I was beginning to wonder what was up with the chickens, hadn’t heard. You will hava a great new batch but I am with you – get them outside ASAP! Heat lamps are great for that and large boxes out in garages 🙂 Good luck with these gals. I am still hoping for a hen house and a batch of my own some day but I am determine NOT to have the hens before the house 🙂 The eggs will be great but so will the nitrogen filled poop for the garden, tomatoes, pepers, and beans ned so much of it you will be all set!
    The kids look all set with their chicks – have fun and good luck!
    Love you guys!

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