Oliver Updates


I have noticed (and it has been brought to my attention) that Oliver has not had a whole lot of time on the blog.  Some of this is because I have had a hard time getting good pictures of him.  Not that he doesn’t love the camera but I will say the camera has not been loving me.  But here we go with some Oliver updates. 

This little man has been such a joy.  He is quick to smile and laugh at anyone or anything.  Zoe loves to play with him and entertain him and he loves to be entertained.  He is very interested in what is happening around him.  Especially when it comes to the other kids.  I know it won’t be long before he joins in.  He is not going to be one to blend in with the background.  Although he will sit quietly and watch the activity around him he is usually talking about something.  And then there are the squeals/screams.  They are happy noises and oh so very ear piercing.   He is rolling over and getting very close to sitting on his own. 

Zeke is all about the hugs.  Whether Oliver is ready or not.  It’s a good thing they make ’em sturdy.  I have a feeling he is going to need it.