3 P Pizza

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Something I can not believe I have not shared with you yet is the fabulous 3 P Pizza…Pesto, Pepperoni and Pepperoncini.  Oh, YUM!   A little mozzarella on there and you’re ready.  If your feeling really crazy add some feta on top.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  Pesto on pizza is wonderful.  Pesto on just about anything is wonderful. 

Greg and I first experienced this pizza on a camping trip to Winthrop.  They have a great little pizza place called East 20 Pizza.  If you ever find yourself in Winthrop you must stop for pizza.  As soon as we settled ourselves from the trip we had to recreate the pizza.  You must try it.  Your taste buds will love you.

3 thoughts on “3 P Pizza

  1. YUMMY!! I love that pizza. Why don’t I make it more myself? Strange how it feels wrong to make with out you here.

  2. So share the pizza crust recipe! I know you do this one yourself 🙂 I don’t cook much any more but I know I could get Meggin to try it in a heartbeat; and what about the pesto recipe? Share, Share!
    Love, Sis

  3. I just made homemade pizza the other night, too! Made Josh a pesto/feta/parmesean/tomato/mushroom and Joshua made everyone else a chicken bbq pizza. Yummy! I used the Costco pesto and added garlic as well. :o)

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