The hunt

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So, I know I am suppose to be back on the postings now but the hunt for the camera charger and cord to hook up to the computer is still in full swing.  We know that as soon as we buy a new one we will find the old but we may have to just do it.  Right now the battery light on the camera is flashing at me.  I quick turn it on, take the shot and turn it off.  I have no idea if they are turning out right.  It’s almost like using a 35mm again.  It just isn’t as exciting to post without pictures.  Especially since we have so many new things to show! 

We are thoroughly enjoying our new house.  We have been unpacking, gardening, unpacking, playing, unpacking, chasing chickens, oh! and unpacking.  I’ll have to come back to the chickens in another post.  They really do cause their share of problems don’t they.  That is about it for now.  Just letting you know we are still alive around here.  The first camping trip of the year is just days away and my to do list keeps growing.  The camera WILL be in working order by then…at least I hope so.

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