It Won't be Long

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The last picture posted of Oliver was from right after we moved and he still needed the boppy pillow to help hold him stable.  But now he is on the verge of crawling.

Just Like Dad

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One of the first things Greg did when we were unpacked was to mark our heights on the wall.  We have some friends that have measured and marked most all visitors to their home and we loved the idea.  So, our height wall was started.  About a week later I find this on the wall.

I bring Zeke over and show him telling him he can not write on the walls.  He looks at me with his ‘I understand but…’ look and points to this on the other side of the door way…

Hmmm…How do you explain that one to a one and a half year old?  “Dad can do it because he is bigger than you?” 

Buying a House and Moving

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So, almost 2 months ago (wow has it already been that long!) we bought a house and moved.  We had been looking for about a year.    Many offers were placed but non came through.  Most common was for us to find a place we loved and place our offer only to find out that another offer had been accepted just minutes prior.  If you needed your place sold just invite us over and it would sell…to someone else.  Next most common reason was the inspection report.  We conducted a total of 4 house inspections (anyone need a great inspector ?)  Yep, in this down economy we were doing our part to keep him in business.  Apparently, we had a knack for picking the most, shall we say, interesting houses.  Our inspector probably cringed a little each time we called him. 

But we finally found a house.  We double checked to make sure there were no other offers and the inspection passed with flying colors.  Now we are moved in and mostly settled except for the list of things we want to do to the house.  Most everything is cosmetic and adding our own preference and style to the house.  We are so blessed to have found a house that doesn’t NEED work. 

Here is the front of the house.  One thing I love is that all entrances to the house are covered.  No more standing in the rain holding children while trying to unlock the door.

And the back of the house.  Again, large, covered porch.  We have been using the grill so much already.  Rain or shine you can stand out there and grill away.  I was grilling in a hail storm the other day.  Crazy as it was to have a hail storm in May!

And the view from the back porch.  Greg put together this awesome playground from two that we had.  The kids have had so much fun on it already and I love having it.  There is a small shed to the left and some covered areas to the right where the lawn movers and chickens are housed (not together 🙂  Also, on the right are various fruit trees.  The row of Christmas trees in the back divide the property.  This is what we can see from the house but the pigs and future farm animals are  blocked from view (something I love).

 And just because these were so cute here are some pictures of what the kids did at the old house to keep themselves entertained while we were packing.   

Back With Pictures!

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We are back online.  The charger has been found and a card reader for the camera purchased (the cord is still MIA).  Just a quick post to let you know we are still alive and busy.  The most recent change is PIGGIES!  Or as one person lovingly called them, mobile pork chops.  Just 3 days ago we brought home 2 little piggies. 

On the left we have Barbie Q and on the right Saucy. 

They have been enjoying the wide open enclosures.  Their life thus far has been lived in a barn.  They have been rooting around like crazy finding all sorts of goodies to eat. 

And I don’t know about the saying curiosity killed the cat.  Pigs are very curious.  And not only do they want to check out the new things they will try to eat it.  We used some recycled (and free!) boards for their house which had some nylon straps attached to it.  Upon inspection they had to try to eat the straps. 

Happy Monday!