Back With Pictures!

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We are back online.  The charger has been found and a card reader for the camera purchased (the cord is still MIA).  Just a quick post to let you know we are still alive and busy.  The most recent change is PIGGIES!  Or as one person lovingly called them, mobile pork chops.  Just 3 days ago we brought home 2 little piggies. 

On the left we have Barbie Q and on the right Saucy. 

They have been enjoying the wide open enclosures.  Their life thus far has been lived in a barn.  They have been rooting around like crazy finding all sorts of goodies to eat. 

And I don’t know about the saying curiosity killed the cat.  Pigs are very curious.  And not only do they want to check out the new things they will try to eat it.  We used some recycled (and free!) boards for their house which had some nylon straps attached to it.  Upon inspection they had to try to eat the straps. 

Happy Monday!

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