Summer Camping

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Our camping trip over the 4th of July took us to Gold Basin.  One of the best parts of the trip was the hike on the Heather Lake Trail. 

Zoe lead the charge the whole way up.  She set the pace and kept it up all the way.  This was our first week with Toby and he loved every minute of it. 

Towards the top the steps kept growing.  I think the people building this trail were tired too by the end of it and just left out a few steps.  I don’t think the picture does it justice.  Imagine the stairs in the giants house in Jack and the Beanstalk.  These were them.  And there were lots.

This was the view we were greeted with when we made it to the top.  It was beautiful!  The water was so clear and still.  The reflection of the mountains was perfect.  You could hear and see a number of waterfalls on the opposite side and see the snow that was feeding them.

Every picture we took was beautiful.  I could fill a lot of space with my favorites.  On the hike up we would ask anyone we passed how close we were.  Each one would give us their estimated time and assure us it was worth it.  I kept thinking “Are you sure?  Do you realize how tired I am?”  But let me assure you…It was worth it! 

This post would not be complete without a comment on their restroom facilities.  The information sign at the beginning of the hike advertised a restroom at the top.  One you reached the top of the trail you found this sign…

At the end of a little trail this comes into view.

And as you round to the front you find this…

NOT what I had in mind.

So many memories made.  The reason we love camping…growing together as a family. 

Meet Toby

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We have a new addition to our little family.  Meet Toby.  Toby is a 4 year old yellow lab mix (notice the purple tounge).  He has been a dream.  He loves the kids and just wants to hang out wherever we are.   His previous family was transfered to Hawaii and were unable to take thier 3 dogs with them.  Because of their hard work and training we were blessed with a great family dog.   Welcome to the family, Toby!

Boys, Boys, Boys

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These boys have so much fun together already.  Zeke loves to push this lion around and Oliver loves to be pushed.  Well, at least as long as he is sitting on the lion.  We have an outside play car that has gotten so much use this summer.  Zeke tours his little brother around all over the yard.  Oliver quickly learned to hold on and keep those feet up. 

He's Moving!

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Oliver has become a crawling machine.  So, a few weeks ago he started crawling and then headed straight for the stairs.  Of course.  Now we get to start learning the plants are not an indoor dirt pit and the pet water is not an indoor pool.

“Mom, I got this!”

And if your Mother still won’t let you climb, just gnaw on the wall.  The corners are great at getting top and bottom.  (don’t worry, no lead basted paint)

Around The House

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Our chickens have finally started producing.  I was getting really tired of feeding 16 chickens and getting nothing in return.  We had even started giving most if not all the scraps to the pigs.  I know, poor chickies but the pigs are more fun.  So, now we have our eggs and they are producing more and more every day.  Soon we will have more than an dozen EVERY DAY!  I need egg recipes.  I was bummed to discover quiche recipes only use 4 eggs.  I was excited to find one that used 8 eggs, then I noticed it made 2 pies.  Today we got our first green egg.  Zoe was so excited the whole neighborhood knows too.

We didn’t do many veggies this year but we couldn’t resist a few things.  In front of our shed there was already wood attached for something to climb.  I immediately saw peas growing there.  All I had to do was add string.  The kids LOVED the peas.  I always laugh when someone mentions having a hard time getting their kids to eat vegetables.  I have been blessed with children who love them.  I think 5 peas made it into the house and that was just because Zoe really wanted to have them with dinner.  Zeke had a hard time understanding why I wouldn’t let him pick the peas that were only a 1/4 inch long.  He still doesn’t understand but, oh well.

I love his chubby little fingers!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!  How does your garden grow?

Summer Fun

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I am going to attempt to update some of our summer fun and projects.  They won’t be in any particular order or anything…that would be too much like being organized.  But, at the end of it all you will hopefully see the things we have been up to. 

One of our first projects this summer was collecting fire wood.  We are so excited to have not just one but TWO wood burning fire places for heat this winter.  I love wood heat.  We have a wood shed in the back that Greg wanted to fill.  It proved to be a lot larger than it looked and although it isn’t full we have quite a bit in there.  Many days were spent jumping in the truck as soon as Greg got home (usually with a packed dinner to keep kids lasting as long as possible), cutting wood, loading wood and hauling back as quick as possible to get tired and cranky kids (and adults) into bed. 

Some other places we went for wood were more fun for the kids and I.  Poor Greg still had to work.  We found a great campsite on the river and the kids played in the water and mud. 

We did check in and help when needed.  Zoe appointed herself photographer and helped us capture the moments.

And what 5 year old photographer can resist the self portrait.

We had a lot of fun working as a family.  Zoe was awesome playing with her brothers and helping to keep Oliver happy.  Zeke was always eager to help us load wood.  He would head over to a log that probably weighed more than he did and get so mad when he couldn’t pick it up.  Fortunately, when we pointed him to some wood he could carry it was happy and started working away.