Summer Fun

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I am going to attempt to update some of our summer fun and projects.  They won’t be in any particular order or anything…that would be too much like being organized.  But, at the end of it all you will hopefully see the things we have been up to. 

One of our first projects this summer was collecting fire wood.  We are so excited to have not just one but TWO wood burning fire places for heat this winter.  I love wood heat.  We have a wood shed in the back that Greg wanted to fill.  It proved to be a lot larger than it looked and although it isn’t full we have quite a bit in there.  Many days were spent jumping in the truck as soon as Greg got home (usually with a packed dinner to keep kids lasting as long as possible), cutting wood, loading wood and hauling back as quick as possible to get tired and cranky kids (and adults) into bed. 

Some other places we went for wood were more fun for the kids and I.  Poor Greg still had to work.  We found a great campsite on the river and the kids played in the water and mud. 

We did check in and help when needed.  Zoe appointed herself photographer and helped us capture the moments.

And what 5 year old photographer can resist the self portrait.

We had a lot of fun working as a family.  Zoe was awesome playing with her brothers and helping to keep Oliver happy.  Zeke was always eager to help us load wood.  He would head over to a log that probably weighed more than he did and get so mad when he couldn’t pick it up.  Fortunately, when we pointed him to some wood he could carry it was happy and started working away.

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