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Our chickens have finally started producing.  I was getting really tired of feeding 16 chickens and getting nothing in return.  We had even started giving most if not all the scraps to the pigs.  I know, poor chickies but the pigs are more fun.  So, now we have our eggs and they are producing more and more every day.  Soon we will have more than an dozen EVERY DAY!  I need egg recipes.  I was bummed to discover quiche recipes only use 4 eggs.  I was excited to find one that used 8 eggs, then I noticed it made 2 pies.  Today we got our first green egg.  Zoe was so excited the whole neighborhood knows too.

We didn’t do many veggies this year but we couldn’t resist a few things.  In front of our shed there was already wood attached for something to climb.  I immediately saw peas growing there.  All I had to do was add string.  The kids LOVED the peas.  I always laugh when someone mentions having a hard time getting their kids to eat vegetables.  I have been blessed with children who love them.  I think 5 peas made it into the house and that was just because Zoe really wanted to have them with dinner.  Zeke had a hard time understanding why I wouldn’t let him pick the peas that were only a 1/4 inch long.  He still doesn’t understand but, oh well.

I love his chubby little fingers!

Hope you are enjoying your summer!  How does your garden grow?

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