Summer Camping

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Our camping trip over the 4th of July took us to Gold Basin.  One of the best parts of the trip was the hike on the Heather Lake Trail. 

Zoe lead the charge the whole way up.  She set the pace and kept it up all the way.  This was our first week with Toby and he loved every minute of it. 

Towards the top the steps kept growing.  I think the people building this trail were tired too by the end of it and just left out a few steps.  I don’t think the picture does it justice.  Imagine the stairs in the giants house in Jack and the Beanstalk.  These were them.  And there were lots.

This was the view we were greeted with when we made it to the top.  It was beautiful!  The water was so clear and still.  The reflection of the mountains was perfect.  You could hear and see a number of waterfalls on the opposite side and see the snow that was feeding them.

Every picture we took was beautiful.  I could fill a lot of space with my favorites.  On the hike up we would ask anyone we passed how close we were.  Each one would give us their estimated time and assure us it was worth it.  I kept thinking “Are you sure?  Do you realize how tired I am?”  But let me assure you…It was worth it! 

This post would not be complete without a comment on their restroom facilities.  The information sign at the beginning of the hike advertised a restroom at the top.  One you reached the top of the trail you found this sign…

At the end of a little trail this comes into view.

And as you round to the front you find this…

NOT what I had in mind.

So many memories made.  The reason we love camping…growing together as a family. 

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