Oh, Baby!

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That’s right folks.  We’re having a baby!  I am due April 27.  I had no idea how far along I was so we headed in for an ultrasound.  I was already already over 12 weeks!  Not that I hadn’t known at all.  I have the constant nausea thing going on.  But it is still nice when all things are confirmed and your 1/3 done.  We looking forward to a spring baby.  Warmer days, less bundling and another family member to share a spring B-day with Greg.

Happy Birthday Zoe!

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Our first born child has just turned 6!  It’s hard to believe how much she has grown.  Everyday she does or says something to remind me that she is indeed growing into a little woman.  And then, of course, she reminds me of the sweet little girl she still is.  Her favorite colors are pink, purple, and red.  And also yellow (because our dog is yellow). Zoe loves her role as big sister in our family.  I was only going to put a couple pictures on but then I couldn’t help myself.

Well, I was gong to end with a recent picture but am now having computer problems.  So, I’ll have to leave you with one of my favorites.