Oh, Baby!

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That’s right folks.  We’re having a baby!  I am due April 27.  I had no idea how far along I was so we headed in for an ultrasound.  I was already already over 12 weeks!  Not that I hadn’t known at all.  I have the constant nausea thing going on.  But it is still nice when all things are confirmed and your 1/3 done.  We looking forward to a spring baby.  Warmer days, less bundling and another family member to share a spring B-day with Greg.

6 thoughts on “Oh, Baby!

  1. NO WAY!! AH! YAY! I’m sooo happy for you guys, a 4th??! I hope to see this one more than Zeke and Oliver!! 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations! So happy for you all. I hope the pregnancy goes smoothly and that you post lots of PICTURES!!! *hint hint*

  3. Congratulations!!! We hope to make it up to your house in the spring to see you guys and the new baby. Hope you have an easy pregnancy and healthy baby!!!

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