Oh Dear Oliver

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Oliver Emmanuel Thames was born just one year today.  His entrance into the world has been much like the rest of the year.  FAST!  I arrived at the hospital a mere 20 minutes before he was born.  My doula almost missed the birth and was later “scolded” by the nurse that I wasn’t there sooner.  My doula informed the nurse that if it wasn’t for her I would still be sitting on the couch waiting for the babysitter!  When Oliver is ready to do something he just does it.  He was always extremely active in the womb and I  wondered what he would be like out in the wide world.  Well, this little guy has never stopped moving.  He started walking towards the end of September and never took pause.  He now dances around the room with the other kids and has been working on his jump.  He has always been a go getter and quickly learns what he needs to know to keep up with the big kids.  He has 8 teeth now and one of his favorite foods (although he eats pretty much anything) is apples.  He prefers it whole.  I love the way his whole face lights up when he smiles.  When he laughs he throws his head back and gives it his all.  We all feel extremely blessed that God placed this wonderful boy in our family.  Such joy and laughter he has brought.

Oliver loves that his big sister has no problem teaching him all the dangerous stunts.


Watch out world!

One thought on “Oh Dear Oliver

  1. I was going to say, “wow, he looks just like Zeke!” But As I kept looking at the pictures, he is such a mix of Zoe AND Zeke! He is sooo stinkin cute! I really need to come visit soon! I know I keep saying it, but seriously now… 🙂

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