The Start of School

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This year we started school with a bang (don’t worry, this was back in September!).  We piled into our friends van and headed down to the zoo.  We were even on it enough to print out packets for the kids to work on on the way down as well as some questions after the zoo.  We had just recently been to the Portland zoo but the one thing we missed seeing there were the lions.  That was the main thing on Zoe’s agenda and they did not disappoint.  It seemed they knew an anxious little girl needed a good look and were ready and waiting when we arrived.  We were joking it looked like a wedding photo.  The groom lovingly gazing upon his new bride.

Ezekiel’s favorite part was the orangutans.  We spent a while hanging out in this area but when the other kids were ready to move on we had to coax him out of there.

We picked a great day for the zoo (maybe it was the rain) it was the first time the bird feeding house was empty.  We had run of the mill of the place and the birds were excited to have some treats.

This is as close as Ezekiel got to holding a bird.  He was close a few times but would freak a little (OK a lot) when they came to him.  Trying to hold Oliver, take pictures, and help Zeke proved to be a challenge.

Oliver was a great trooper hanging in the stroller most of the day.  At the end of the trip we headed into the Zoo-nasium to let the kids play.

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