Zoe's Snowman

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Zoe 6 years Toby 4 years

Our first snow was about a week before Thanksgiving.  Not much but enough to cover the ground and allow Zoe to make her snowman.  She made a snowman and a snow dog appropriately named Zoe and Toby.  She was adamant about doing this one herself.  She raided the winter bin and I love that the gloves she picked out were mismatched and the baby hat fit perfectly.  I was so glad Toby was there to play this day especially.  I had no interest in playing in the snow and the boys didn’t either but, Zoe and Toby spent a few hours running and playing.  I was actually surprised he wanted to be out there.  He is usually more the fair weather type.

One thought on “Zoe's Snowman

  1. I love Zoe’s snow man it looks a lot the one the girls did in the back yard. Not enough snow and it wasn’t all that sticky over here! It was more a pile that got dressed up.

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