A Great Student

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One thing that has been quite interesting about having kids close in age is the rate at which the 2nd learns something.  Most of the time they are good things they are learning from their close sibling but other times not so much.  Zoe is 4 years older than Zeke so when he started exploring and getting into things there were certain areas I could tell Zoe NOT to teach him (like how to open some certain cabinets).  She understood and tried to teach him the good things.   I, of course knew the day would come soon enough and was not in a rush.  But Zeke, being only 13 months older than Oliver did not understand this logic and proceeds to teach his brother all sorts of useful things.  Like the cabinets I was talking about and how to use a chair to reach light switches and out of reach table areas to name just a couple.  Oliver has been a great student and applies his new skills often.

It’s outta there!

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Zoe 6

The tooth has finally come out.  Zoe loved having a loose tooth and loved telling everyone about it but I don’t think she was really ready for it to come out at first.  If it hurt at all while she was wiggling it she would stop.  But finally the day came when it was uncomfortable enough in her mouth to just have me pull it out.  I must say, she surprised me.  When I first started to pull it bled a little and I really expected her to want to stop but she just said “Just pull it out.”  So, I did.  She was relieved to have it out and was all smiles.

Gingerbread House


Hey, I’m a better late then never type of person.  So, we didn’t get our gingerbread house done before Christmas so we did it new years day instead.  And I didn’t get it posted right away but looking back the pictures made me smile and this blog is about recording our memories (no mater how late).

To keep the younger two busy while Zoe and I decorated the house they were each given a gingerbread man with frosting and a pile of candies to put on.  Oliver ate his candies and then licked the frosting off the cookie.  Zeke did actually take the time to put the candies on his cookie and pose for a picture before eating it up.  The difference a year makes.

Zoe and I started in on the house as soon as the boys were busy.  I was squirting on frosting and she was piling on the candies.  Our house was soooo hot this day (yes, Ruth, hotter than normal hot) that the frosting was melting off the gingerbread house and the candies were having a hard time staying put.  We had to open some doors and windows to cool down a bit.  I guess the dripping frosting looked a little like icicles.  Zoe finished up with more frosting and the last of the candy while I put the boys in the bath.

A very excited girl

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Zoe has just discovered she has a loose tooth.  This is a HUGH thing for her.  She has been wanting to loose her teeth for a good year now.  I’m not sure the fascination but whenever once of her friends lost a tooth she was excited for them and a bit envious.  She was complaining of her teeth hurting so we checked them out.   As soon as I told her she had a loose tooth she gave me a huge hug, ran around the house screaming, wrote it on the white board and ran outside to tell Greg.  She also had to quickly tell her friends the D family.