A very excited girl

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Zoe has just discovered she has a loose tooth.  This is a HUGH thing for her.  She has been wanting to loose her teeth for a good year now.  I’m not sure the fascination but whenever once of her friends lost a tooth she was excited for them and a bit envious.  She was complaining of her teeth hurting so we checked them out.   As soon as I told her she had a loose tooth she gave me a huge hug, ran around the house screaming, wrote it on the white board and ran outside to tell Greg.  She also had to quickly tell her friends the D family.

One thought on “A very excited girl

  1. Mason thought it was a big deal to lose that first tooth until it hurt and now I can’t get him to get the second one out! I am afraid I am going to have to have the dentist do it because the adult tooth has come in behind it and the baby has reset itself, goodness. Oh well, the joys and ups-n-downs of growing up. Love you all. Congrats Zoe!!! Love Sis!!

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