Gingerbread House


Hey, I’m a better late then never type of person.  So, we didn’t get our gingerbread house done before Christmas so we did it new years day instead.  And I didn’t get it posted right away but looking back the pictures made me smile and this blog is about recording our memories (no mater how late).

To keep the younger two busy while Zoe and I decorated the house they were each given a gingerbread man with frosting and a pile of candies to put on.  Oliver ate his candies and then licked the frosting off the cookie.  Zeke did actually take the time to put the candies on his cookie and pose for a picture before eating it up.  The difference a year makes.

Zoe and I started in on the house as soon as the boys were busy.  I was squirting on frosting and she was piling on the candies.  Our house was soooo hot this day (yes, Ruth, hotter than normal hot) that the frosting was melting off the gingerbread house and the candies were having a hard time staying put.  We had to open some doors and windows to cool down a bit.  I guess the dripping frosting looked a little like icicles.  Zoe finished up with more frosting and the last of the candy while I put the boys in the bath.