Our Chickens

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It’s been a while since we’ve given an update about the chickens.  I’m not sure there are many of you out there that were wondering but, Sis, this is for you. We have been in a love/hate relationship with our chickens.  I love the eggs we get from them but I hate when they are always getting out.  Just about the time you think you have them contained they figure out some other way to escape.   I mean really their just chickens!     Greg got to the point where he said the next one I see out gets shot.  I was all for it.  Zoe, on the other, hand was not.  She made sure to check the chickens before Daddy to get any back in that may have gotten out.

So another chicken coop was designed and built.  I will say we didn’t like the one we had before, or the one before that, or the one before that.  From all our research it really is just a matter of preference what type you want.  I for one want one we can fully walk into to clean out, gather eggs, and fill food.  The new coop does all that.  It has a wood floor, perches, and perfect laying boxes (milk crates).  Zoe does most of the chicken care and it has been much easier for her to use.  The chickens have a larger pen area that is tall and completely covered (we had a jumper).  Greg still isn’t fully happy with it.  I think it will get a coat of paint this spring (red of course).  Other than that I love it.  It is easy to clean which was the biggest plus for me.  Chickens are dirty.  And one of the best parts of this new coop?  It was all free or recycled from the previous coop (with the exception of screws)  The biggest score was 3 full sheets of plywood on craigslist.

And the chickens?  They love it too.  Look at all those eggs.  I think that was 3 days worth.  They have continued to lay all winter.  Not as much as the spring/summer months mind you but enough that I have not had to buy eggs this winter.  With feeding 13 chickens I refused to buy eggs.  That also means we will have A LOT of eggs this spring.  You know its bad when your kids are excited to eat oatmeal for breakfast.

Wild One

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That’s what my doctor said at my last appointment.  “You’ve got a wild one in there!”  She was trying to get a heart beat and was literally chasing him around my tummy.  Just when she would get the beat we would hear a loud thump and the heart beat was gone.  He was kicking the doppler every time.  Of course this would make me laugh which didn’t help matters either.  I don’t think she ever did get a reading that time around but everything was obviously fine.


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Zeke has been snatching the camera a lot lately.  He loves to take pictures.  He just needs to stop using my camera to do it.  Most of the time I catch him in the act but there have been times I have downloaded pictures off my camera to find some interesting shots.  The ones that crack me up the most are the ones of Oliver caught in the act of doing something he shouldn’t.