Bacon Makin' Day

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It has occurred to me we haven’t updated on the pigs.  Not sure how that got a way from me…oh wait…never mind, I do.  So, our piggies Saucy and Barbie.  WAY back in November we had the butcher come out to do the dirty work and hang them for us for a few days.  Greg really wanted to do the butchering himself so when we got our pigs back they weren’t wrapped in little white packages like the cow was but rather just cut in half.  It was rather odd to see them in the back of the truck but there they were.  Zoe really wanted to go with him to the butcher to pick them up.  When they got home they entertained the boys and I with a song they made up on the way home.  Sung to the tune of this old man:

This fat man

He ate two

He ate saucy and Bar-B-Q

With a mmm, mmm, Yum, yum gi’me another one

This fat man came rolling home.

What a great way to start our butchering day!  Or as Greg called it Bacon Makin’ Day!  It was a busy day but it was great.  Some experienced friends come over in the morning to get us started on the right track.  We had gone to their house when they did their pigs to get in a little practice and see the whole thing in operation but it was such a blessing to have them come out and get us going.  Greg was cutting outside and we were inside wrapping, grinding sausage, labelling and freezing.  We made 2 different types of sausage, breakfast and hot Italian.   Zoe was a total champ on the grinder.  Especially when our helpers had to leave.  She stepped right in and didn’t stop until we were done.

We took our hams in the next day to have them cured and smoked by the butcher.  Let me tell you…the ham was soooo good.  Huge!  And so incredibly tasty.  When all was done our freezer was over 3/4 full of just pork.  I absolutely love having all of it out the freezer ready to be used.  We will be doing pigs again this year.  We learned a lot and will be applying some changes to the whole process but we are excited to give it another go.

Now it must be said that Zoe loved Saucy best out of the two pigs.  She was a lot more active and loved to play in the mud and run around crazy.  I guess Zoe could relate to this.  So, any time we were eating pork (especially in the beginning) she would say we were eating Barbie.  We don’t eat Saucy.

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  1. When can I come for Dinner! Do you know to this day that our girls do not talk about eating the cow we had and there is no way that Marlys will agree to raising another one for the freezer! NO WAY! But it was the best beef we ever had!!! Will you do pigs again? Yum, yum! How about a turkey? Will you do a cow for 18 months? Love you all – Sis!

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