Lots of Changes at the Thames Farm

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Yeah, I guess you could call us a mini farm now.  We have been busy, busy these last few weeks.  I will attempt to update on all the fun changes and activities we have been up to.  Here’s the list I can remember so far.  I will expand on some of them later.  We took down (with the help of a professional) a 60 ft fir tree, finished the fencing to keep kids and dog in the back yard, fenced a pig pen with hog panels and electric fencing (they better not get out this year), built a pig house and chicken tractor, fenced off the remaining “animal area” for the sheep, dug a trench to get water to the back of the property, got power to the back, made soap, gone on field trips, and just picked up our meat chicks today.  We still have quite a list on the white board but they it is reducing.  Well maybe not reducing but the list is progressing.  Amazing how new things keep getting on it.  And of course when I say “we” I mostly mean Greg.  He has been working so hard to get things done and I keep getting in trouble for trying to do too much.  It is not in my nature to sit and watch him work on these things but as he says “I don’t want the baby coming out right NOW.”  OK, OK, I get it.  So, we go out there to keep him company, provide moral support and hand him tools.

Apparently that’s all my brain will handle at the moment because it has stopped working (I hope it comes back soon).  But for now I will leave you with some pictures of some darn cute hard working kids.


Oliver 1yr

Zeke 2 yrs

Zoe 6 yrs

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