Pig Pen

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One of our first projects was building a secure pig pen.  Last year we had a few problems with the pigs getting out.  This year we are doing all we can to keep them in.  We set up hog panels and electric fencing around the bottom.  Greg also built this board walk type thing around much of the pen.  The pen will not be green for long.  It will soon just look like a dirt/mud pit as the pigs do what they do best…root.  The board walk will help keep us out of the mud when we need to go inside and it should keep them from being able to ground out the electric fencing with dirt.

Zoe helping by balancing things on a stick 🙂

Greg built this fabulous pig house and even bought me Bard Red and white paint.  I am a sucker for red barns.  We don’t have enough room to actually have a barn but at least our animal houses will be my favorite colors.  We are hoping to get many years of use out of it.  The kids had fun playing in itat least until it starts to stink.  The house and most of the pen were completed in one day.  As is often the case in this area we were being threatened with rain.  All was fine until we opened the can of paint.  We were expecting to get our little piggies the next day and had to get the house painted before they got in there.  Thankfully, it never started  raining too much so we just kept painting.  It is just a pig house after all.  We were able to get all the red and most of the roof painted white before having to call it quits.  Unfortunately, after the rush to get this done we were not able to get the piggies.  Apparently pigs are hard to come by this early in the year and the man we were getting them from had accidentally over promised and was out.  Oh well.  We have a great home from the ones we are scheduled to get in May.


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