Our little flock

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Well, Greg and I had talked about getting sheep…in the future.  The purpose of the sheep would be for meat.  We are not into the wool thing or milking (sorry Jen).  We had done a little research on the kind we would get if we went that route but that was about it.  Well, remember how I said we rushed to get the pig pen done and then we were without pigs?  Greg made one last attempt to find pigs at the animal auction.  There were no pigs but I received a text from him a little while after the auction started stating I was now the new proud owner of 2 sheep.  Sheep?  What?  I thought that was a future prospect.  Folks…the future is now!

We are indeed the proud new owners of two sheep.   They are Katahdin or African Hair Sheep.  They don’thave wool but hair that is shed each year.  I teased him he just wanted an animal to put in that great pen he made.  Didn’t really matter what it was 🙂  Turns out it was a mama and baby combo.  No idea how old either of them were.  He came home to pick us up and the truck to bring them home.  Now, on they way there he tells me “I don’t know if I can eat them Merriann.  They are really cute.”  That’s what I was afraid of!!!  Pigs and cows are nasty when they get big.  Easy to put in the freezer.  Sheep…still cute.  The other thing.  Their names.  The mama is Lily (named by Zoe) and the baby is Shannon (named by Greg).  Do those sound like food names to you?  Nope.  We had an agreement.  Any animal we were going to eat was going to have a food name.

Thank goodness for the Internet because we had to give ourselves a quick study on sheep care and run to the feed store for some food.  At least they were safe in the pen and had water.  I am also thankful for friends that didn’t think we were totally insane for getting an animal we knew so little about.  We have had a lot of fun learning as we go.  We have a guesstimate Lily is about 4 years.  Shannon is a little more confusing.  She seems so small but what looking at her teeth she looks to be over a year.  Somewhere between 12 -18 months.  We will have to look into that one some more. 

Greg has made them a pen of their own so when we do get pigs (hopefully in May) we’ll be ready.  Their own house is on the list of things to do.  We are trying to decide if we will be breading these two or eating them.  Lily is a bit on the old side for eating and Shannon is so cute!  Again, We’ll see how that goes.  Sheep are pretty easy (at least from what our vast knowledge and experience has shown us) so we wouldn’t mind getting a little flock going and breading. 

3 thoughts on “Our little flock

  1. You are on your way now!!! I have never done sheep but I have heard that they will eat an area down past the roots so be sure and move them about if you can and let their pen grow up now and again. I love the “food” names!! Something tells me that you will have friends, sheep, for awhile. Are they friendly? You are right, that baby is so cute. Good luck on finding pigs. I had no idea they would be so hard because here they are dime-a-dozen. Hope you are doing well and taking care of yourself, Merriann. Love you all so very much! Sis

    • I thought you would like this one. 🙂 The sheep aren’t friendly like a dog would be but Lilly doesn’t run as much as she used to especially if you have the food bucket. Shannon just does whatever mama does. One thing we found interesting is they are completely calm when on their backs. Pigs are a hot item up here. If you are not on a waiting list there isn’t much hope in getting your hands on one. I am doing well although ready for the end. Last month countdown has begun!

  2. They are beautiful!! After you get a couple more of them, you’ll be able to butcher…right? Shannon *looks* to be about 5 months, she’d be a pretty stunted 12m old. We did that to our first set of goat kids, we never grained them and I guess that is a must to grow them big(which I know you didn’t grow Shannon). Oh well, we learned. Greg is such a farmer, hokey pete, with all the new pens and animals this year your head must be spinning. And it is only April!! Stay away from the auction barn Greg! Lol.

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