And Chicks

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The latest (but not last) addition to our mini farm were broilers (AKA meat chicks).  We did 3 a couple years ago as a little experiment and I was not too crazy about it.  So this year we are doing 35 (well 34 now.  We lost one).


Greg as built these little guys (and or girls) a nice little chicken tractor that we will move around the back yard each day.  About another week and they will be moved from this area to thier tractor.  (pictures of that later)

We will only have to keep the broilers for 2 months before they are ready for processing.  Still not something I am looking forward to but again, thanks to good, knowlegeble freinds who are willing to help we will try out this new adventure.  And don’t you worry…I’ll keep you updated 🙂


One thought on “And Chicks

  1. How cuuuuuuuute. We lost several(yes, several) due to dogpiling under the heat lamps. We had 75 bird in one large brooder with two lamps. At night they dog pile and squoosh chicks underneath them, suffocating them. I was so mad. If you ever find dead chicks under the heat lamp, more than likely, that is what happened. Dumb birds.

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