Baby Update

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I realized I haven’t done any baby/pregnancy updates recently.  With less than a month to go I figured I better do one quick.  So things are going pretty good.  Baby is still super, super active.  No worries on that front.  All measurements are text book.  At my last appointment the doctor said this may be my 8 pound baby.  To which I just said, “hmm”.  8 lbs is big for my babies (I know Ruth, sorry)  I like my small babies.  They start out small but grow fast.  Works for me. 

I somehow didn’t plan my schedule too well for my last month of pregnancy and have one of my busiest months ever.  At least it feels that way.  My brain is more gone this time than any pregnancy in the past.  Normal I guess.  I actually had to get a planner and write everything down the second I plan it.  I was even loosing tract of Greg’s work schedule.  It’s a crazy one I know but we’ve been doing it for a few years now and I had it down.  In the last few weeks I draw a complete blank.  I feel like Dori on Finding Nemo.  “Nothin’ in my noggin.”

We do not know if we are having a boy or girl.  I think some posts I wrote ‘he’ but we have no idea.  I don’t suspect either way this time.  Zoe is so excited for the baby.  Her big test is to give me a hug and see if she can touch her fingers.  At last measure she was off about an inch.   We haven’t done much to get ready for baby.  I have a few baby clothes left from Zoe but I don’t know what. We got tired of moving them over and over again so we did get rid of quite a bit when we moved this last time.  If it’s a boy we are definitely set and I actually know where they are.

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