And cooking…

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Well, the due date (Wednesday) has come and gone.  Still no baby.  My doctor isn’t concerned and I’m not either…just ready.  Last night I was having enough contractions to actually start writing down times but as soon as I sat down they all stopped.  But we made good use of our due date and got baby pigs instead!  At least some sort of baby came into the Thames household (farm-hold?) I guess. 

So there they are.  I believe we have decided on the names Mr. Pork Chop (left) and Smoked (right).  It was fun this year to actually be able to pick out which ones we wanted.  The person we got them from had a couple that were black and white (pink i guess) so we got one of those to make it easier to tell them apart they look so cute.  We ended up with two boys.  We didn’t plan it that way it just so happened.  I don’t know if it will make a difference.  Last year we had two girls.  If nothing else they should be bigger in the end. 

I had forgotten how cute they are at this age.  They love their house.  They completely bury themselves in the straw at night and they sleep in in the morning.  Our last pigs weren’t early risers either.  Maybe it’s just the pig way.  Works for me.  I’m not much of a (happy) early riser either.

One thought on “And cooking…

  1. Hello to the Thames Farm-hold (love it bye the way!!!)
    My goodness, little sister, you make light of the baby not being here yet but I know you are ready!!!
    The pigs are too cute to eat right now – it is a good thing they grow and get messy! I am glad you where able to get some because I know they are a fine addition to your freezer and you all look forward to the process of raising them. Good luck!
    I love you all!
    Take care!
    Keep me posted!!!

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