GM Chicken Coop 7.0

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I can’t believe I haven’t shared about this awesome coop Greg made.  We have constructed our share of chicken coops.  I am happy to report that after a few months of use I think we finally have the perfect coop.  The inside is about the same size as their last but this one is made of “real” wood.  You know, the kind from an actual store that is all the same size.  No make-shifting on this one.  We have two real doors with windows!  The door to the run area even has a doggie door which should help with heat in the winter.  It even has lanolium flooring! 

The other great addition to this one is the large storage area on the side.  This houses all the food we need for the animals close at hand.  It is now full of pig, chicken and sheep food.  The last thing that makes this my favorite doesn’t have anything to do with the house itself (sorry honey!) but with bedding.  We used to use straw but it gets smelly and disgusting really fast.  We switched over to wood pellets and absolutely LOVE it!  It pretty much just smells like wood shavings.  It seldom needs to be cleaned out.  You just kick the pellets around a bit and it freshens up.  If you have chickens you need to use pellets…hands down.  And of course painted Barn Red with white trim because my husband loves me.


One thought on “GM Chicken Coop 7.0

  1. HI -HI -Hi!

    Well aren’t your chickens getting ‘up-town’! This is such a cool coop! Can’t wait to see it! I can say that now because I am in MT and getting closer everyday! We will see you in about 2 weeks!!! (Be in WA Thursday at Mishelle’s). What a joy to see all of your wonderful farm additions and FAMILY!!! I t going to be so much fun and such a joyful time!
    I love you!

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