Flying High

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That was Greg and Zoe last week as they went on an intro to flying class.  Zoe was in charge of photos.  I’ll share with you a few of the many, many pictures that were taken.  It was so much fun to see all the places they were able to fly over.   Let’s start off with the irresistible self portrait.

Zoe’s view from the back seat.

This is the plane they were flying in. 

And a view of our house.  The blue roof is us.  I got a call from Greg just as they were approaching the house.  Zeke and I ran outside to see them circling us.  He didn’t quite believe that dad was in the plane.  When asked where dad was he would point to the plan but then get a funny smile on his face and say “No.”  Although now when we hear a plane outside and dad is gone he asks “Daddy?”

And here’s Zoe with the instructor Miss April.  With the exception of a little motion sickness from some tight circles Greg and Zoe had a blast.  The ladies at the terminal even brought up some cookies for Zoe before they landed to help settle her stomach.

One thought on “Flying High

  1. Flying!!! What the heck?! What will you guys being doing next? Can’t wait to truly “HEAR” all about it! We will see you soon! Zoe – you are such a big girl and so pretty!
    Love to all See you soon with hugs-n-kisses!

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