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July was the month of visitors.  I was so excited when I heard my sister and niece were coming up our way.  She and Greg were going to keep it a secret from me and just have her show up but for many of the same reasons I usually get my birthday gifts early, Greg told me 🙂  Many of the days they were here were filled with rain.  They loved it (coming out of the insane heat of Texas) but it did put a little bit of a damper on outings.  One of our nice days found us at Birch Bay.  I always seem to forget how much we all enjoy a day at the beach. 


Zoe and my niece Marlys





Zoe, Ezekiel, Oliver and Sis (aka Marsella)

Zeke absolutely loved looking for crabs.  He was always so gentle picking them up.  Into his shovel they would go usually with a rock or shell to hide under.  This one went all the way to the picnic table to show dad.



One thought on “Visitors!

  1. WOW, what great pictures of the day!!! I viewed them with a mixture of smiles and tears – miss you guys so much! What fun that was and the stories to tell… Thank you for each day you shared with us – they are full of memories beyond words! I love you guys!! Hope to see you again sooner than later. 🙂 Give everyone a hug and kiss for me!
    Always –

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