Blueberries and Boys

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Blueberry picking has been a little slower for us this year.  Something about teaching these little guys.  Zoe did great filling up her bucket.  Ezekiel did pretty good once he got into the rhythm.  Into the bucket not into the mouth. 


Oliver on the other hand needed constant reminding.  “Yum Yum” was always coming out of his mouth as the berries were shoved in. Finally, he found a stick (his favorite thing) and that at least kept one of his hands busy.

Ezekiel has become quite the joker.  As I am trying to quickly pick I hear “mom, mom, mom, mom…” you get the idea.  I kept answering him but not looking at him so he just kept going until I turn to see this…


I bust out laughing and grab the camera then try to convince him not to do it anymore. Yeah right.  Oh, Boys.  You just don’t teach them this stuff.

One thought on “Blueberries and Boys

  1. It’s priceless!!! I can not tell you how I just knew where your story was going to go before I even read it!! The title said it all!! You do manage to have a great time no matter where you go. Enjoy those wonderful berries. All we have here is hot dry everything! The green in the picture made me want to cry… There is hope – “they” say we may only get to 104 today!!!
    Take care – Love you all!
    Sis 🙂

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