The Last…

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Well, this is a post of two lasts.  The Silver Beach Church campout.  Sadly, it was our last camping trip this year.  Greg has been working a lot of overtime and our last couple trips have been canceled.  So I’m glad it was a nice long trip with great people.  It was also the last last camp out as SBCC.  The Lord provided a new building and location for our church and our name has been changed.  Fortunately, the camp out will continue next year as SCBC (Spring Creek Bible Church).   We had a wonderful time getting to know people better and just having some good ol’ fun.  Here are some pictures from the week.

Some friends had connections to a couple of horses and “dropped by” with them for all the kids to ride.  Oh, was Zoe ever so excited!

Just chillin’ with Dad.  Abigail 3 months

The troublesome twosome.  Zeke almost 3, Oliver almost 2

Don’t you just love tiny hands and feet?

The play dough pit.  And this…I just couldn’t leave this out.  Aftermath of the play dough pit.  No really, it’s play dough.

And the highly anticipated SBCC Olympics

A wonderful time was had by all and wonderful memories made.

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