Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

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Today Ezekiel turned 3 years old.  He has become such a handsom little man.  At the annual measuring he gained a full 3 inches this year.  He loves all things trains.  When outside he is always on the search for worms and bettles.  As soon as he woke this morning Zoe showered him with gifts.  My favorites were a book she wrote about a train (his favorite thing) and a Pooh coloring book she made herself. 

His cake was of course a trian that I tried my hand at.  Thankfully he has a great imagination.  Anything in a line (blocks, laundry baskets) is a train to him. 

Many times throughout the day he was sung Happy Birthday.  He got to like it so much he asked we sing it three times for bedtime. 

Abigail even got to get in on the fun with a ride around the house. 

One thought on “Happy Birthday Ezekiel!

  1. Happy Birthday Ezekiel!!! You are such a handsome boy – I’m sure Mommy and Daddy are proud! Merriann, the cake looks great! Zoe, your gifts are wonderful!!! What a happy, happy birthday!!!
    Although, Abigail does look a bit concerned about her ride (bracing herself!) 🙂
    Love you All!!

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