High on the Hog

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Today is piggie day!  Yesterday the butcher came out and slaughtered our three little piggies for us.  Don’t worry Ali, there will be no pictures of that on the blog.  I stay in the house while all that is happening.  Chickens are one thing but pigs are just a little different.  To me anyway.  Zoe on the other hand…now that is one hard core farm girl! 

Last year we told her she could watch this year and boy did she remember that.  We had watched a video of a slaughter so she had an idea of what was happening.  I kept asking her if she was really sure she wanted to watch.  Her reply  “Yes mom.  I know what they are going to do.  I watched the chickens.”  So, she and Greg went out with the butchers.

  When they left I headed out to see how it went and the first thing Zoe said was “I got to see the brain!!”  Awesome.  What a great school day.

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