Butchering Day

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Has come and gone.  It’s always a busy crazy kind of day but when it is over my freezer is packed (stuffed) with little white packages of meat.  All pork products are off the grocery list!  I’ll share a few pictures of the days events.  A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful helpers we had. 

WARNING:  Pictures will show the butchering of the pigs.  No blood and guts (that was on slaughtering day).  Just meat being made into the desired cuts.  It’s up to you if you want to continue 🙂

The pigs arrive home in the back of the trailer wrapped in plastic and on ice.

The teaching…the learning

Ribs, soon to be bacon, a ham and I think that’s a head

Pork chops.  The meat saw was a new and wonderful addition this year.  Made things neater and so much faster.

A little ham for Christmas?

The set-up and a few helpers

We were blessed with the perfect butchering weather.  Chilly and no rain.

Sausage!  We tried new seasonings this year and LOVE them.  Breakfast, Hot Italian and a little Mild Italian.  YUM!

Our packaging line in the house.  After a quick packaging lesson these kids made quick work of it all.  A great relief to me.  Well, that was it in a nutshell.  Thanks again to everyone that made this day a success!


2 thoughts on “Butchering Day

  1. We ate some of the sausage yesterday evening and it was yummy. Samantha reminded everyone that it was Chard. “Remember the all black pig? That’s who you are eating.”

  2. Oh bummer. The boys are going to be disappointed they missed it, they were excited. I am sorry if I wasn’t home! We’ll see if we can catch the Gomes! Looks like you had a great time. 😉

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