I think she's ready

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Today Abigail decided she was ready for some real food.  I honestly haven’t thought much about giving her solids yet but this morming while sitting on my lap during breakfast she was expteemly interested in my bowl.  I gave her a little taste of oatmeal and we moved on.  At lunch she took matters into her own hands.  She was again on my lap and I had just sat down to my sandwich.  She leaned in with her mouth open wide and started sucking away on the bread.  I gave her a sample of my soup and she was quick to open her mouth and take it all.  OK girl, I can take a hint…we’ll make you some food.

And since we’re on the supject how about we review a few facts about Abby. 

She will readyily roll from her back to her stomach but, really, she doesn’t like being on she stomach much.  Tummy time is short lived around here.    Although, today she did start pushing herself all the way up with her hands and then pushed her legs off my hands to move forward.  She was not happy about it and complained as she scooted toward Greg.

She is adored by her big brother.

Maybe a little too much.

She enjoys sitting at the table with the family during meal times.

She would much rather be sitting up watching the activity around her than laying on the floor.  She is starting to look eager to take off after her siblings.   

She enjoys playing at the lake on warm summer days.

Haning around with a buddy always makes it better

She is a sweet girl who has brought much joy to this family.

One thought on “I think she's ready

  1. She is growing too fast!!! The pictures are great – thank you so much for all that you do on your blog. It is so helpful for me to stay “up” with the little ones and you and Greg too!

    I love you guys!
    Big Kiss From Sis (Auntie:))

    P.S. we are still having 85 degree weather here! BUT, we did get a bit of rain this past weekend – Praise the Lord!!!!

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