A Day at the Park

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A friend called the other day and said “I need to practice with my camera in Manuel.  Can I use your kids?”  Of, course!  I’d love it.  And off we went to get awesome pictures.  OK, so it wasn’t quite that smooth.  First, we had to discuss when the weather would be best and where it would be best to get all the great fall colors.  Then there was the last minute plan change.  But, the outcome was beautiful.

As you can see I loved so many of the pictures taken.  And trust me, this isn’t all of them but don’t be surprised if you see more later.  Thanks again, Ruth, for using my kids.  Anytime, anywhere 🙂 

One thought on “A Day at the Park

  1. Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful children?!! My goodness the Lord has blessed your family with such treasures! Keep the pictures coming.

    I do have to say tho, if you lived in my part of TX, waiting for a good weather day would not be in question… It is still 78-85 degrees here everyday!! Poor Mason’s pumpkin mildewed within a week because it was too warm for a carved pumpkin! When will we see fall?!

    Love you all – Sis 🙂

    And Ruth… this Auntie thanks you for the pictures too!:)

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