Kitchen Lessons

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Zeke has been helping in the kitchen a lot more recently.  Something I love.  Yes, it makes the prep work take longer but that is just temporary.  I am already seeing the fruits of that labor with Zoe as she has struck out on her own on so many recipes.   As with many three year olds, I’m sure, he likes to taste everything.  Most time this is not a problem for him as one of his favorite job is cutting olives.

Today in particular though Zeke learned some important lessons.  As I was measuring whole peppercorns one fell and rolled across the floor.  Quickly he grabbed it and popped it into his mouth before I could say anything.  After a few crunches it hit him (honestly, it took longer than I expected).  Then a yell and a run into the bathroom for a towel.

But if that weren’t enough he was helping me peal garlic.  I’m sure you can guess what happened.  This time he waited till I was out of the kitchen then popped it into his mouth then came running around the corner to show me (he hadn’t bit down yet).  Yes, I smiled to myself and down he bit.  The garlic hit him a lot faster than the peppercorn as he spit it out after just one chomp.  Hey, I’m all for hands on learning.

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