Winter has arrived

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The snowman hat is one I knitted a few years ago.  I started it while pregnant with Ezekiel and finished it after his 2nd birthday.  It was my first and last hat.  It’s huge.  Really huge.  But it fits this snowman perfectly.  His head was made from a 3 gallon bucket. 

Winter has finally arrived!  Monday Zoe was outside all day.   I was mean and made her wait until it was light outside before she went out.  About 8am she was in the snow and stayed out until 2:00pm.  At one point I served up some hot chocolate and asked her if she wanted some.  She hesitated saying “I do but….”  I assured her she could go back outside when she was done but she asked if she could have it outside.  Sure, why not.  Zeke was even enjoying it this year which Zoe enjoyed greatly.  What a difference snow pants make.  Oliver played outside for a little bit but was also happy in our nice warm house.  Tuesday gave us more snow and Zoe was out in it again trying to use up all the snow.  She started using a bucket to pack the snow in and made a tall snowman and Snow City complete with sky scrapper.  And what did Abigail decide she needed to do while I was outside taking some quick shots?

One thought on “Winter has arrived

  1. Thank you, thank you for the snow pictures!!! I had heard that it snowed and was hoping to see the kids – thank you!!! They look so happy and playful – my hands were freezing just watching them! 🙂 We are getting 27 degree weather but no moisture. Stay warm and thank you again for the wonderful pictures!
    Love you guys!
    Sis (Auntie)
    PS-knitting is the worst-crocheting is totally better!:)

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