Where's my baby??

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Abigail has been changing so much so quickly.  She seemed to go from my little baby to this crawling, climbing, tackling, clapping, babbling little girl.  Where did my baby go?  I know I have asked this question as each little baby has made this change but with each child this change is more and more precious.  Its no wonder people have a dozen of ’em. 

Abigail loves to wrestle.  Greg will be wrestling with the other kids and she charges right over not willing to miss out of the action.  Oliver is her favorite target and he loves it.  He needed someone to wrestle with I just wasn’t expecting it to be the 9 month old baby!

She has also turned vacuuming into an sport.  As soon as I start up the vacuum she either charges for the nearest particle on the floor and I have to beat her too it or she charges for the vacuum and I have to quickly maneuver around her.  Today I was surprised as she joined the kids in their favorite vacuum game.  They love it when I chase them with the vacuum.  (I know, I wonder how my floors get cleaned at all.  Those kids move pretty fast and I’m sure there’s not much time for vacuum to actually do its job.)  As I turned it on the screams start and all able kids run to the stairs for safety and not far behind was Abigail squealing and moving as fast as her little knees would take her.  So cute.